Impact Factor (ISI): 0.916    UGC Approved Journal : International Journal of Zoology and Applied Biosciences

General Information

ISSN : 2455-9571
Publisher : Rishan Publications
Category : International Journal
Subject : Zoology & Biosciences
Abbreviation : Int.J.Zool.Appl.Biosci.
Frequency : Bimonthly
Language : English
Editor-in-Chief : Dr.A.Amsath

Current Issue

International Journal of Zoology and Applied Biosciences (IJZAB) is an international, open access and peer reviewed online UGC Approved Journal with Sl. No. 3116, Journal No. 46511 and ISSN: 24559571IJZAB aims to publish the novel, scientific quality, well written and concise results of original research and review articles in the latest fields of Zoology and Applied Biosciences. The journal is published bimonthly by Rishan Publications.  

Recent Articles

A quantitative and qualitative evaluation of haematopoiesis in three habitat specialist fishes, Acanthocobitis botia, Devario aequipinnatus and Barilius barna from a hill stream environment

Adwitiya Chaudhuri, Krishna Gangopadhyay, Anupam Podder and Sumit Homechaudhuri

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V : 97

D : 81

A study on the prevalence of ABO blood groups and Rhesus factor among the girl students around Perambalur in Tamilnadu, India

Jayakkodi Gauthaman

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V : 75

D : 57

Diet composition of black kite (Milvus migrans) inhabiting the arid zone of Rajasthan, India

Sharma, S.K., Soni, K.C. and Soni, V.C.

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V : 123

D : 113

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